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Policy and regulation

It is important to create the right conditions for action, whereby policy and regulations are also significant drivers for the carbon agenda. These range from international initiatives, through to national standards and regulations, and local standards or targets.

The policy and regulatory area covers a broad scope, ranging from the development of performance standards for buildings to international agreements on carbon trading. This section also identifies initiatives that have or are setting out to develop, such policy or standards.

This area also includes initiatives that are monitoring progress with the implementation of such regulations and/or the attainment of targets.

What it does not cover

It does not include initiatives that have been set up to respond to such policy or regulation. These should be reported in other areas of the website.

Selected briefings

1) DECC: The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan Chapter 3 - Transforming our power sector
Download (pdf)

This document plots how the UK will meet the 34% cut in emissions on 1990 levels by 2020.

2) UK Government Foresight Programme: Powering our lives
Download (pdf)

This is a UK Foresight Report covering, transitions in energy systems in the built environment, behaviours, values and interventions for change, scales of energy systems and security and resilience of future systems.


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