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Building performance

This section covers the range of initiatives focussed on buildings. A number of distinct activities can be identified. Some focus on homes, while others focus on other types of buildings. Some focus on new build, whereas others concentrate on refurbishment or change of use. Each construction sector whether residential, health, education,public or commercial is developing numerous initiatives to meet the government carbon targets, frequently specific to function type, but also relevant across sector.

A significant challenge in attaining a low level carbon development relates to site-level energy infrastructure. This is considered within the context of the development and its carbon targets.

Existing buildings account for by far most of the carbon emissions and where the greatest opportunities for savings can be found. Good design is synonymous with sustainable construction

What it does not contain

Broader aspects of generation technologies as well as local, regional and wider-scale generation and storage schemes are covered under generation and storage.

Selected briefings

1) Stockholm Environment Institute, University of York: A Comparative carbon footprint analysis of on-site construction and an off-site manufacturerd house
Download (pdf)

This report considers how to achieve low greenhouse gas emissions in the housing sector (construction and direct energy), Scenarios compare conventional construction and off-site manufacturing.

2) Zero Carbon Hub: Zero carbon compendium - who's doing what worldwide
Download (pdf)

This report illustrates how fifteen different countries are demonstrating leadership in low carbon technology, culture, change, policy development and change management. It covers: Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, UK andUSA.

3) Zero Carbon Hub / Energy Efficiency task group: Defining a fabric energy efficiency standard
Download (pdf)

This report of task group has been set up to examine the energy efficiency metrics and standards which will realise our ambition of the highest practical energy efficiency level realisable in all dwelling types.


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