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Generation and storage

A considerable amount of work is underway on a range of different renewable energy mechanism including solar, wind, tidal and bio-fuels. Another emerging technology is that of carbon capture in association with fossil fuel power generation or industrial schemes.

An efficiency debate exists concerning the best balance between large centralised infrastructure and smaller decentralised solutions. Equally between short term initiatives which include onshore and offshore wind energy solutions or energy grid upgrade supported by renewables sources and medium term initiatives which might consider carbon capture and storage, wave and tidal power; whilst long term initiatives consider large-scale solar farms and nuclear fusion.

Selected briefing

1) DECC: The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan Chapter 3 - Transforming our power sector
Download (pdf)

2) NHBC: A review of microgeneration and renewable energy technologies
Download (pdf)

This review includes the following areas - biomass, solar photovoltaic, solar hot water, wind power, ground shource heat pumps, air source heat pumps, absorption heat pumps, small scale hydroelectric, micro CHP, renewable combined heat and power and fuel cell systems.




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