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Procurement, clients and ownership

As well as regulatory and policy drivers, clients remain a significant influence on the performance of the team in terms of carbon and wider sustainability performance of project. Clients, working either individually or as groups are developing standards and specifications. Another influence on achieving carbon savings is the relationship between the developer, property owner and tenant. Studies to develop or trial new relationships are also covered here.

An increased in organisations committing to a planned approach to training and skills pledges and life long learning.

Selected briefing

1) RICS: Sustainability and commercial property valuation (2009)
Download (pdf)

Report discusses issues that are relevant when undertakeing valuations of commercial buildings including energy and climate change aspects.

2) RICS: Why do companies rent green (USA)
Download (pdf)

This report, by Piet Eichholtz, Nils Kok and John Quigley, examines the tenant-base of 'green' office buildings in the USA, to see which organisations seem most likely to occupy 'green' space.

3) World Academy of Science journal article - Challenges facing housing developers to deliver zero carbon homes in England (review)
Download (pdf)

Journal article setting out factors that hinder a succesful delivery of zero carbon homes in England.


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